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About Me...

I have been fascinated with the art of photography since childhood, it has been a passion of mine for years. In just the past few, I have finally given myself permission to pursue a career doing something I love.

I grew up in the small town of Winchester, NH, attended Thayer High School and in 1999 started my own residential cleaning company. I have built a successful business proudly serving residents of Keene, Spofford, Nelson and beyond. Despite the growing success of my business, I have always yearned to express myself in a more creative way.

I was married here in my hometown in June 2011 to my husband Tory and 18 months later we welcomed our beautiful baby boy into our hearts. Becoming a mother has changed my world and opened my eyes to a whole different perspective on life. My son inspires me everyday to be the very best that I can be and to strive for my dreams; afterall, he will learn from the examples I set for him. My son is the reason I've decided to pursue my dream of running my own photography business. The flexible schedule allows me more time to spend at home with him, which is what matters the most to me.

I have taken several online classes and had high hopes to one day attend the Hallmark School of Photography until I was told they closed their doors.

Whether it is children, couples, families or nature, I find great joy in capturing life's special moments. I am a high achiever, definitely a perfectionist, and I'm very passionate about my work.

For the past two years I have worked from my home.   We have a beautiful yard with several visually appealing niches. My husband and I have shared a space in our garage for my temporary studio.  This has been difficult to say the least. He runs an automotive shop from home. He had designated a small workspace for me in the "newer and cleaner" addition we recently added; however, fumes and dust have been an issue. Working around eachother's schedule has also been a downfall. By chance, my husband found for me a great space to open up a studio, just minutes down the road from my home. In four short weeks we raced to make necessary changes needed to make this space suitable. Our hearts, sweat, and much of our time went into creating my new studio. I couldn't be more proud or grateful for this beautiful new space. I am now able to set forth making my dream a reality. Thanks to a lot of hard work and support from my husband and my parents, who are always behind me 110%.  I am beyond ecstatic to open the door to old clients and new.                               Last updated 2014

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